Restaurants and Food for Toronto Ontario Canada: Restaurants Supermarkets Liquor Stores Gourmet Markets Farmers Markets and more.

  Restaurants & Food | Dining in the City...

Toronto city has grown its reputation as one of the world's best destinations for everything related to food. Always at the cutting edge of the latest in culinary trends and perfection of traditional fine dining, Toronto city has you covered when it comes to food. Check out our Toronto city Restaurants, Dining & Food Section for some of Toronto Canada's best places to eat and also some interesting places to find the food you crave.

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Hotels and Accommodation for Toronto Ontario Canada: Hotels Motels Resorts Bed and Breakfast Hostels and more.

  Toronto Accommodation | Places to Stay...

Toronto city offers visitors a wide selection of hotels and accommodation that can fit any travel budget or taste. Ranging from world class international hotels, resorts and bed & breakfasts to clean comfortable budget focused facilities for families or backpackers. Toronto city is second to none at catering to every visitor, so head over to the Toronto City Hotels & Accommodation Section to find a perfect place to rest your head.

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Shops Stores and Malls for Toronto Ontario Canada: Find a place to shop.

  Stores Malls Shops | Toronto is Shopping...

Who doesn't love to shop? No matter what you are looking for, the range of shopping possibilities in Toronto city is simply staggering. Whether cruising the malls looking for a bargain or browse fashionable boutiques in trendy YorkVille, Toronto Canada is a city made for the shopaholic! You may even bump into a star or two while you shop and Toronto city is know as "Hollywood North". Start your shopping adventure with a browse through our Toronto City Shops, Stores & Malls Section.

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Attractions and Activities: Sports Theatres Movies Parks Amusements Museums Art Galleries and more.

  Attractions & Action | Explore and Play...

In the mood to learn or play? Either way Toronto city offers its visitors an amazing selection of attractions and activities that will ensure that every visit is both fun and fulfilling. Museums, Parks, Amusement Parks & Zoos, Historic sites, Toronto Film Festival, Sports Teams, Theatre & Stage, Movie Cinemas, Art Galleries, Ski Resorts... the list is endless. Simply click over to the Toronto City Attractions & Entertainment Section to find a ton of fun and learning in Toronto Canada.

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  TORONTO EVENTS | What's Happening

Events and What's On for Toronto Ontario Canada: Find out what great events are happening in the city.

  Toronto City Calendar | Always Alive...

Like every great world class city, Toronto city is alive with events of all types almost every day of the year. Toronto city hosts an enormous calendar of events that provide both residents and visitors with an outstanding opportunity to spectate or participate. Film festivals, art exhibitions, motor racing, marathons, parades, cultural exhibits, extreme sports competitions... there is an no end to the array of Toronto city Events.

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Airlines Buses Transit for Toronto Ontario Canada: Find a way to get to and around the city.

  Travel & Transit | On the Move...

Going somewhere? No problem! Toronto city makes it easy for visitors to get to attractions and points of interest with a range of safe, clean and simple transit systems. Subways, busses, trains, even ferries await you on your adventure throughout the city and beyond with every budget in mind. Move over to the Toronto city Travel & Transit Section to find ways to get to and around the city of Toronto Canada.

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  FEATURE | Toronto City Guide Maps

Maps of Toronto Ontario Canada: Street Maps Attractions Maps City Maps.

  Toronto City Guide Maps | You Are Here?!

Ok, so you are planning your tour of Toronto Canada or you are already here and have no clue where you are or where to go. We have a few directions for you that will help get you on your way in a jiffy! Be sure to visit the various categories of information on the site as many of the listings provide you with detailed information along with maps and directions for each attraction, accommodation, event or business. Check out our Toronto City Maps Section to get your bearings and plan your adventure throughout the City of Toronto Canada.

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  FEATURE | Local Knowledge & Tips

Local knowledge of Toronto Ontario Canada: Learn insider city tips from Toronto locals.

  Local Lingo | Toronto City Guide Tips...

There is nothing quite as valuable as inside information when you are visiting a new city. Only the locals can give you the real scoop on where to go and how to get there. Toronto city locals love their city and love to help visitors get the best from their stay here. So we have put together some local knowledge in our Toronto City Local Lingo Section that might just help you feel a more like a local during your stay in Toronto Canada. Get some insider tips on Toronto city traffic, Toronto city slang terms and some other neat things to check out in the city.

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